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Latest polling - Bye Bye Count, Hello Donnelly

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The latest Zogby (via Reuters) polling shows Chris "Count" Chocola with a clear disadvantage in Indiana's 2nd Congressional District. (Hat tip to DailyKos for the link.)

Rep. Chris Chocola of Indiana, behind Democrat Joe Donnelly 52 percent to 39 percent

With a 13 point deficit in the polls, there isn't a ground game out there that can make up that difference. Especially when the last poll numbers showed 49-39 for Donnelly. Looks like the "Count" is down for the...count.


In the same article, numbers for the Indiana 9th Congressional District shows a dead heat.

Rep. Mike Sodrel, who trailed Democrat Baron Hill 48 percent to 46 percent.

This is a 2 point bump for Hill, but an 8 point bump for Sodrel. Voters know what they're getting in either case, so I find it interesting that this race has tightened up so much. Hill has been leading the polls pretty handily until now.

The other "hot race" in Indiana is in the 8th District where my favorite Republican-nutjob-about-to-get-the-boot John Hostettler is getting trounced in polls by Democrat challenger Brad Ellsworth. Hostettler, as many may recall, is the loon in southern Indiana that believes we have a Constitutional right to keep a nuke in our basement.

The latest poll I could find (Oct. 30) shows Ellsworth with a 10 point lead of Johnny Ho. He makes for great punch lines, but it will be nice knowing that the nether regions of the state will once again be represented by a sane person.

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Nice post.

The Hill/Sodrel numbers indicate the undecideds are turning to Sodrel at a rate of 4-1 or more. Damn it.

So, those ridiculous negative ads are working.

Marla R. Stevens | November 3, 2006 4:16 AM

What bugs me about Hostettler and the nukes is that he is so 2nd Amendment absolutist that he won't bend for sensible environmental and safety regs for said basement nukes -- a position without legal merit.

With the passage of the Military Commissions Act and recent changes to the Insurrection Act (aka 10 USC Chapter 15 or the Neener-Neener-Neener-Katrina-Last-Backstab Act included as a midnight sneak special ornament hung on the Defense Authorizatation bill), you might well need a basement nuke or few to hold your own against the New Banana Republic States of America.

But I'm willing to reserve judgement until I see how bad the voter obstruction and Diebold debacles are in a few days.