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1. The Pizza Man Always Rings Twice via (This story is funny and I could totally relate. I worked as a Papa John's driver for a while in Bloomington and some of the worst customer stories ever came from that job. Always tip the pizza guy. Always.)
2. First penis transplant reversed after two weeks via (The tag line is the best: "Operation successful, but recipient suffered 'severe psychological problem'." It doesn't say what the problems were specifically, but my mind races.)
3. The Faces of Meth via (With so many Hoosiers struggling with meth addiction, is it any wonder that we see folks like this every day? That first woman is the absolute scariest. Sad, so very, very sad.)
4. The Nietzsche Family Circus via (This page is awesome. They take Family Circus cartoons and instead of the real words, they substitute quotes from Nietzsche. The results are usually hilarious - which is more than you can say for Family Circus itself.)
5. Queerduck episodes via (Did you miss any of the episodes of Showtime's Queerduck? You can see them all here. Convenient, eh? If you haven't seen one - go watch. They're hilarious.)

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