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1. POLISH EXCHANGE STUDENT IN US: My Half-Year of Hell With Christian Fundamentalists via Spiegal Online (This poor kid. You have to feel sorry for him. The title pretty much speaks for itself...)
2. Don't Bet on Barrack via (This interesting article looks at Obama's views on same-sex civil marriage. Definitely worth a read.)
3. Crayfish Fake Sex not War via Yahoo News (Instead of fighting, most male crayfish will have sex instead as a way of resolving disputes. Don't want to submit to sex? You get killed and eaten instead. Insert your own bottom joke here.)
4. Save Britney's Marriage via Jon Swift (All of those conservatives who are so worried about "protecting" marriage should take note. With Britney Spears's impending divorce, here's a marriage they can focus on for a while. Remember, every child deserves a father and a mother, eh?)
5. The Beauty Myth via The Washington Post (How do the blind see beauty? For this writer, the more interesting question is how you do.)

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Marla R. Stevens | November 28, 2006 1:40 PM

I've been saying exactly the same things about Obama that the author of Don't Bet on Barrack said. It's great to see these points getting wider publication. This man is not even the as good a friend to us as Sen. Clinton is -- and she's not one to begin with. Thanks for bringing this to the site, Bil.