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On Angela Cypress, Candidate for Marion County Recorder

Filed By Chris Douglas | November 02, 2006 7:31 AM | comments

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Once you dive down into offices below Mayor, Prosecutor, and Sheriff, and beyond City County Council, candidly I lose track even of the functions of the various elected offices. What does the clerk do? What does the Constable do? What does the recorder do?

Concerned about the future of the Republican Party, I do still have an interest in whether a candidate represents the bigotry for which the Party has become infamous lately, or whether a candidate represents progress.

Last night at the Indy Rainbow Chamber's meet-n-greet, I had a chance to talk Angela Cypress, running for recorder. I won't recount that conversation in detail, except to observe that Angela Cypress strikes me as intelligent, warm, good-humored, and most importantly, highly attuned to the Party's need for progress on glbt issues.

Not only do I believe a member of the glbt community could vote for Cypress for Recorder in good conscience, but that a vote for Cypress would strengthen an important moderate presence in the Republican Party, alongside such officeholders as Carl Brizzi running for Prosecutor.

Members of the community will have an opportunity to meet both at the First Republicans meet-n-greet at 120 West, the bar and grill located in the Hilton, at 120 West Market, today from 5:30 to 7:00.

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Wilson46201 | November 2, 2006 8:17 AM

In the thirty plus years of total GOP domination of local county politics, they never once nominated an African-American for a 'guaranteed' safe county elected-official seat. Not one! Now that the Republicans are losing consistently, they find their very first Black woman to run. About damn time!

She may speak well about LGBT issues but does anybody know about her past actions? I've heard she's just recently arrived in Mariuon County. Councilor "Ike the Snake" promised LGBT folk the moon, the stars and a great time but then totally screwed us over - I'm now very suspicious of sweet-talking GOP unknowns ...

Chris Chris Chris...

When are you gonna walk over to the other side of the aisle, where you belong?

Chris Douglas | November 2, 2006 4:24 PM

Gracious, Wilson. I didn't mention Angela's race one way or the other. I don't think its appropriate to make an issue of it; she should be judged on her merits.

Your point about Randolph is a good one. I was one of the individuals Randolph made his statement to. (Not the moon and the stars, but a willingness to vote for the inclusion of GLBT in the HRO.) I do now believe that Randolph was never acting in good faith, for a meeting with him was one which his campaign coordinated on, not proceeding from his own volition.

But I think we can observe by way of Gilroy, Rokita, Garton, Keller, Langford, Daniels and Brizzi, all of whom have taken bullets from the right wing for us now to some degree, that moderate Republicans do exist, have advanced the ball in various ways and to various degrees when they've had it, and indeed are necessary to the process.

Angela Cypress seems to be moving of her own volition. In contrast to a House race, for instance, her election would in no way compromise glbt interests.

Chris Douglas | November 2, 2006 4:30 PM

(Thank you for the invitation, Rick. As I see it, were I a Democrat (which I am not) I would be among a sea of gay democrats bringing virtually no marginal benefit to the community. I would be just one more. Because I am a Republican, on the other hand, I retain the ability to get some things done that I fear would otherwise not get done. It's best that I remain right where I am... unless you want to become a Republican and take my place!)

Wilson46201 | November 2, 2006 5:24 PM

Ms. Cypress' race properly should be of no concern in this election - I was simply pointing out that the Marion Cty GOP never stopped excluding people of color until the local Republicans fortunes were declining. I'm glad the Marion Cty GOP is finally beginning to catch up with the 2nd half of the 20th century and fielding a more diverse ticket.

Any chance of an openly gay candidate from the local GOP any time soon? There were rumors that a Sodomite would be run as a sacrificial lamb for Center Township Trustee ..."just to show they arent prejudiced."

Rick Sutton | November 2, 2006 7:42 PM

Chris, you are not the first person to ask if I'd cross over to the dark side...a couple of mutual friends have long suggested it. Alas, I cannot. Economically, I'd probably be mildly comfortable. Except those Bush tax cuts were a bite in the butt, and Reagan's economic plan was, well, in the words of GHWB, accurately, "voodoo economics." Throw money at the Pentagon, just because, cut tax rates for the top tier, and increase other spending twofold. What a genius. Better he should've just taken a long nap, instead of daily short ones.

But the whole social justice, it doesn't fit. Not even close. And any party that embraces Ike Randolph and Jim Bradford, well...'nuff said. You don't have enough civil people like Dr. Borst and Scott Keller to cancel out Ike and Jim. And Phil Hinkle, Brian Bosma and your chairman. I could go on.

My sense is that Ms. Cyprus, however well-intentioned, will be job hunting next Wesnesday.

Wilson--where do you get this stuff? A gay Republican for Center Township trustee as a sarificial lamb? Hilarious on multiple fronts.