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Quack quack - How lame is that duck?

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Pretty fucking lame if you ask me.

With a 28 seat majority in the House and a likely 1 seat majority in the Senate (I predicted this privately 2 months ago) one thing is certain. George Bush is a lame duck. His agenda has been derailed. His I-only-need-to-worry-about-Republican-thoughts brand of governance is no more.


Finally some sanity has reentered the American consciousness.

What do we have to look forward to?

1. A real Iraq policy. I truly hope we start bringing our boys home. They've been shot up, blown up, and downtrodden for nothing for way too long.

2. Daylight will shine on the cesspool of corruption. We will see true government oversight for the first time in 6 years. We'll finally see investigations into the Iraq war intelligence, the corrupt energy policy meetings, the Valerie Plame affair, and on and on and on.

3. We'll finally get a minimum wage hike. How anyone can oppose this is just beyond me.

4. And maybe, just maybe, we won't be starting any more wars as has been feared. We won't be attacking Iran, Syria, or some other country with people that look different than us.

What else? How lame will this duck be? He's always been a lame president. What are your agenda items you would like to see in the 110th Congress?

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Lame Duck? No...he's a fu*king quack. We're only half way there, folks. Sill lots to do:

Balance the Fed. Budget.
Impeach Bush & Cheney.
Get rid of Rumsfeld.
Roll back tax cuts to top 1%
Get out of Iraq.
Ditch Mitch.

Rick Sutton | November 8, 2006 1:21 PM

Prediction: new terms that will be redefined by W and his minions over the next two eyars:

Congressional oversight is required, but it will now be called "Democratic extremist San Francisco values witch hunting."

Just so we all know.

1. Minimum wage increase Those bastards vote themselves pay raises all the time while we get screwed.
2. Civil Rights bill This time include everyone.
3. Balance the budget Remember when Republican meant fiscally responsible? Now it's up to the Democrats to pick up that mantle.
4. Investigate, investigate, investigate You know BushCo has been up to no-good. Let's see what they've done.
5. Impeach Bush Don't think it'll really happen though, but God I'd love to see it. Clinton got a blowjob and lied about it. Bush started a war. No one died when Clinton lied.

Marla R. Stevens | November 9, 2006 1:07 AM

Number one on my list -- dump Rummy = Mission Accomplished. Revised List:
1. Repeal the Military Commissions Act and recent changes to the Insurrection Act, then tackle the rest of the civil liberties abuses enacted in the name of security while actually doing the things that will really make us safer, like disallowing unscanned cargo in passenger plane holds, examining cargo at our ports of entry, securing our borders and actually keeping track of aliens within them, hardening defenses at vulnerable sites such as chemical plants and nuclear facilities, and radically increasing our human intelligence capabilities.
2. Minimum wage increase.
3. Investigations and oversight -- I want to know where all the bodies are buried, all the corruption, all the incompetence, everything.
4. Put troops first -- hot meals in 24/7/365 mess halls in the war zone, potable water to drink, new helmet interiors to protect their brains, decent care for the wounded and disabled, and sound planning to deal with Iraq, Afghanistand, al-Qa'ida and related groups, and the world's other hotspots and places of concern so that, if we put our people in harm's way, it's for good cause and done as professionally and competently as can be done.
5. Repeal the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, beginning the restoration of a balanced budget and the long road to deficit reduction after six years of Bush budget hell.
6. Impeach Bush and Cheney Won't happen but they deserve it. Probably best just to focus on getting the monumental job done.
7. Get Bin Laden and the rest of the crew responsible for 9/11. Put them on trial in the Hague.
8. Rejoin the community of nations.
9. Put a stop to the Dominionist crud. End the faith-based governing and pay attention to science. Restore the Lincoln Memorial film. Reverse the FCC prude regulations.
10. Protect Social Security -- not that we're likely to get equal access as couples but it would be nice to have something there just in case.
11. Amendatory civil rights -- no human left behind.
12. Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell Don't Pursue -- nobody with any sense cares anymore, especially the troops.
And lots more...