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Filed By Bil Browning | November 12, 2006 11:15 PM | comments

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Just a little end-of-the-weekend, getting-cold-outside eye candy. It won't be long before we'll get to see summer clothes (or no clothes, as the case may be!) again, but it looks like the nice warm weather is over with now. We're deep in fall and heading towards winter.

What do you look forward to about fall and winter? Both seasons tend to depress me, but I love to see the tree leaves change color and I admit a fondness for the whole squash and pumpkin decorating trend that runs from about October to Halloween. Snow, however, sucks. It's okay on Christmas Day, but that's about it. I don't look forward to that part at all.

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Fall's my favorite. I love the leaves, and the smell of a fireplace, and pumpkin soup, and wearing sweaters, and everything about Thanksgiving. I also like to Christmas shop, somewhere like Broad Ripple or downtown, when it's snowing a little bit. I don't mind January just for the chance to nest at home for a few weeks, but for all I care, it could start getting warmer again by January 30.

Oh yeah, and the eye candy? I like!!

Yeah, I have to admit - I like to do Christmas shopping and then come out to it snowing lightly. It adds to the festive atmosphere. After Dec 26 though? Get rid of it and warm the hell back up! Late Spring is my favorite - when the flowers start blooming and the trees are budding. Everything says "new life" and "fresh beginnings" in the Spring.