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My annual list of things I'm thankful for. Feel free to leave your "thankfuls" in the comments. You know you've got some...

1. For the first time since we've been together (8 years), Jerame's parents have invited us to a holiday meal. Hopefully this means his dad is getting over it.

2. My family. Jerame and I may have arguments and the little one may get into trouble occasionally, but family is family. We've built ours the hard way - and I wouldn't choose anyone else to share my life with.

3. The blog - including all the readers and contributors. I think we've carved out a nice niche in cyberspace. Not only is it (hopefully) useful to the community, it's also amusing to run and work on.

4. Bosses that I enjoy working for - especially since I get to work with organizations I respect like American Values Alliance and Indiana Equality.

5. Our new house. I've never owned a house before so this one is rather special. 'Course, the folks living in it with me are pretty darn great too - but see #2 for that.

6. Fritz, Frieda and Denny Crane. Our pets are the unacknowledged extra children.

7. My piano. It was my birthday present from Jerame this year and it's the best therapy in the world. I've wanted my own piano since I moved out of my mom's house and left the old one behind.

8. All of the friends we've made over the past year or so while working with the LGBT community. My horizons have been expanded and I will treasure each new experience.

Your turn. What's been good to you this year?

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In addition to the usual--wonderful family (especially grandchildren!) and great friends--I am most thankful this year for the results of the midterm elections!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ooooh - good one Sheila. :) I forgot that....

1. I am grateful that I have the boot off my foot and I can drive again!

2. I am grateful also for the results of the midterm elections!

3. I am grateful for my wonderful family, and especially my gay son!

4. I am grateful for my new GLBT family and the wonderful experiences I have had and hope to continue to have (including dancing in gay bars)!

5. I am grateful for Bob Dylan!

6. I am grateful for de-caff cappuccinos!

1. I'm thankful Alice is back from the repair shop.
2. I'm thankful TomKat finally got married.
3. I'm thankful "Dexter" is on the air.
4. I'm thankful One Market tanked so I can stop dreaming about living there.
5. I"m thankful we're skipping Christmas again this year.

And I'm really thankful for

6. My family: Suz, the grandgirls, my two kids and their spousal units and that my dad is still alive.
7. Special, wonderful friends.
8. Mid-term elections!!
9. Entertainment like The Daily Show, Colbert, Mahrer, Shut Up and Sing...
10.A valid passport.

I'm thankful for Jesus MCC. It has been wonderful being apart of an affirming church! I'm also quite thankful for my "kids" (cats) - Mia, Neko & Kai.