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The Right-Wing Sexpose Continues

Filed By Ellen Andersen | November 02, 2006 9:02 PM | comments

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This just in: According to the A.P., the Rev. Ted Haggard, who heads up the influential National Association of Evangelicals, a vocal opponent of marriage equality, has just resigned amid allegations that he paid for sex with another man.

Mike Jones, the man who says he slept with Haggard repeatedly over the course of three years, claims that he has voice mail from Haggard that corroborates their relationship. Haggard has denied the allegations.

I certainly don't know whether Jones' allegations are true. Assuming for the moment that they are, I admit to having mixed emotions about this story. Part of me is spitefully gleeful at the unveiling of a hypocrite. Part of me just feels sorry for Haggard: like Mark Foley, it sounds as if he's been consumed by self-loathing.

What are your thoughts?

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I think the best part of this story is that he was paying the other guy for sex and that Haggard used meth while they were together.

If you check out Rocky Mountain News you get even more lurid details. Apparently his accuser will be taking a lie-detector test tomorrow on the radio. Not only does Jones have voicemails from Haggard, he also has notes that Haggard left for him.

Plus, Haggard is one of the main forces trying to pass Colorado's Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage. After all, he's already married. Give him the option of marrying a man and it just might ruin his marriage to his wife. LOL

As long as the ~ it's-okay-to-stay-in-the-closet~ faction flouish in our community there will always be people like Haggard grabbing national attention for their 'shocking' revelation.

While it is easily acceptable to point the finger at the hypocrite, it is not so easy to accept that it is too often the misguided notion of compassion that enables the closet cases. Haggard's hypocrisy is egregious but no more so than all the gay persons working, living, praying, teaching, serving, representing ... and enabling those who refuse to be out and proud.