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I want to clear something up. As the owner of, I get to make the final decisions on the blog.

As a commentor on my site, you have to follow some basic rules. If you don't, I will boot your ass and ban you from commenting.

Yesterday we had an issue. An anonymous commentor left some nasty drivel attacking another person who had commented on a post. This comment was hateful, intended to embarrass and demean, and generally left a foul feeling after you read it. This is NOT acceptable.

If you want to leave anonymous comments with no purpose other than to hurt someone else - do it elsewhere. There are plenty of other blogs around Indianapolis that allow that sort of thing. Hell, you can even be racist and homophobic - all without signing your name so folks can see your true face. But you can't do it here.

Here at bilerico, our contributors post under their real names. They stand behind what they post. And I expect the same from our readers. That doesn't mean you can't comment anonymously - or with a fake name. Far from it. But you can't blast, devalue and attempt to humiliate someone else.

Are we clear? Then let's move on and never have to discuss this again, shall we?

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