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1. Don't Drink and Doodle via stAllio's Way (The cartoonist responsible for the atrocity that is Mallard Fillmore lives in Columbus, Indiana. He was arrested recently for drunken driving. stAllio has a great post up complete with sample strips where the guy keeps talking about Democrats and drunken driving. Whoops.)
2. Implicit Association Test via (These tests will feature heavily on CNN's Paula Zahn Now tonight in regards to race relations. There's also a test that deals with human sexuality that usually shows most people to have a bias in favor of straight people. They're interesting to say the least.)
3. Science a la Joe Camel via The Washington Post (National Science Teachers Association turns down a donation of 50,000 free DVDs of "An Inconvenient Truth." Why? It would piss off one of their largest supporters - Exxon/Mobile.)
4. List of songs about homosexuality via (Lists of songs about gay or lesbian people, situations, or issues.)
5. 10,000 Reason's Civilization is Doomed via (While you'll laugh at quite a few of the reasons - like #1 reason Paris Hilton - quite a few of them you'll agree with. This link was sent in by an alert reader.)

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