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1. Macy's Pulls Sean John Hooded Jackets: Fur Is Dog via KEYE-TV
(Another good reason not to buy anything remotely fur. Sadly, most "fake fur" from Chinese garments is actually made from cat and dog. Macy's listed these jackets as fake fur but the ASPCA bought one and the collar said it was "raccoon" fur. Tests proved it was dog.)
2. What's in a name? For same-sex partners, confusion via New Jersey Daily Record
(As civil unions, domestic partnerships and marriages take place across the world, what are we to call our "significant others?" Is he/she your "spouse" if you have a civil union and not a marriage? Quick, someone grab Miss Manners!)
3. The Esquire Decade via Vanity Fair
(This fascinating - but long - article is definitely worth a read. The first story about 60's race relations and Esquire's decision to put an African-American boxer in a Santa hat on the December cover is engrossing.)
4. Norway fourth best democracy via Aftenposten
(Boy, this story didn't get much play in the mainstream media... This newspaper from Norway has the listings. Sweden takes the top spot while good ole USA ranks #17. Last place? North Korea.)
5. Different From the Others via Jim's Film Reviews
(Time for your gay history lesson... If this was a game of Jeopardy, the correct answer would be: "What was the first major gay-themed movie?" It was made in 1919 in Germany.)

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