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New state senator Jean Breaux!

Filed By Bil Browning | December 11, 2006 7:05 PM | comments

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Quick news flash...

State Senator Billie Breaux recently resigned after winning election as the Marion County Auditor. Her daughter, Jean Breaux, ran for the vacant seat against City-County Councilor Ron Gibson.

Thankfully, Jean won - 55 to 25 - an overwhelming victory over the troubled councilor. (We won't go into the entire list of shady dealings good ole Ron has been associated with lately!) Jean is supportive of LGBT rights - just as her mother was.

Jean is a regular bilerico reader so if you'd like to leave her a congratulatory message, do so in the comments.

UPDATE:More on Jean's win at Advance Indiana and The Indy Star. It's always fun to scoop the Star. *grins*

Like AI, I'm a big fan of Ron's concession quote:

"I respect the decision of the voters," said Gibson, who also had supporters showing en masse at the center. "She had a whole year to campaign. I only had 10 days."

Let me say this clearly. BULLSHIT

When we were fighting the HRO battle it was all the talk that Ron wanted Billie's seat. He's had plenty of time to campaign - and did. He thinks maybe it was all his scandals that did him in. Uh, yeah. It might have had a little to do with it, you think?

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Marla R. Stevens | December 11, 2006 7:51 PM

This is such fine news! Congratulations, Senator Breaux!! The title and the name have for so long been a happy and honorable combination. It's good to know that the seat remains with one so capable of keeping the tradition intact. May the Senate someday catch up with you!

The right candidate won. Congratulations, Senator.

If there are more personable and polite people in politics, I haven't met them. The Breaux family epitomizes public service in every sense of the word.

Take notes, Ron. Good ones. The Breauxes are early in every good fight, and they stay to the end, regardless the peril. They understand the plight of those less fortunate, and they don't posture in public meetings to see if cameras and eyes are paying attention. They speak from the heart. They vote their conscience, and let the chips fall. Instead of sticking a wet finger to the wind.

Billie was not a latecomer to the HRO fight, either.

And God knows she had less reason to be there.

But she was there because it was right thing to do. She's also not ravaged Center Township neighborhoods with these ridiculous charter schools all over creation.

May the Breaux tribe multiply.