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Persistent Presbyterians

Filed By Bil Browning | December 09, 2006 10:35 PM | comments

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Tags: bigotry, homophobic behavior, marriage, ministers, Presbyterian

Those darn Presbyterians. Just as the Roman Catholics say we're super - except for that whole intrinsically disordered thing... Oh, and those sweet, Jesus-loving Baptists that passed the resolution to say "If you're not openly homophobic, you don't have any business being a Baptist church" at the same time.

But the Presbyterians couldn't get their shit together in time to be homophobic. My home church tried to bring a minister up on charges of officiating at a *gasp* gay marriage. But the charges got filed a few days too late. D'oh.

You can't keep a good bigot down though. The minister who filed the original charges is snooping around trying to find something to bring charges again. How very Christian...

"I'm still accumulating names. This means that the whole process starts over," said the Rev. James Yearsley, who has served churches in the Pittsburgh Presbytery but now works in Florida.

A second case would not be double-jeopardy since Edwards was never tried, he said. The church's Permanent Judicial Commission dismissed charges against Edwards on Nov. 15 because, it found, they were brought several days too late.

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