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"Sorting out what's in bad taste, really bad taste, funny and just good reporting on the white trash lifestyle is a profoundly complex challenge in contemporary America.

How do you even begin to define bad taste in a society that passionately follows the daily antics of a useless talentless random semen-depository like Paris Hilton but is horrified by an act of uncensored love-making on a Loews' theater screen? How do you define bad taste in a nation that considers the desire of two men to build a family to be an abomination, but forks over millions of box office dollars to watch ravenous homicidal maniacs chain saw innocent children into dozens of bloody fleshy bits? And how do you define bad taste in a culture that eats up the intimate details of Katie Holmes' rhinestone thong but thinks it's moral to toss Iraqi civilians at Al Qaeda so that the terrorist group is too busy to attack us on American soil?

We are a very confused nation. And to see the media debate the "taste" issue explains much of why we are so confused. It's kind of like watching the Nazi Party debate the Ku Klux Klan over who is more qualified to run nursing homes for Jews." -- Richard Rothstein, author of Proceed At Your Own Risk

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