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"Now Sears has Gone Gay... And the AFA is on the case. Sears apparently takes out advertisements on Logo, a cable channel aimed at gays. According to Donald Wildmon, apparently, selling Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances to gays just feeds the Evil Gay Agenda. After all, they might use those appliances to whip up some delicious salmon mousse with which to tempt unsuspecting, nubile young men into being gay. Our innate sexual desires are no match for the salmon mousse. One bite and they'll be singing Over the Rainbow, snapping their fingers and making pithy comments while watching The View. The salmon mousse must be stopped, people. Only you can stop the salmon mousse by boycotting Sears. Or something." -- Ed Brayton on the blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars

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I stopped shopping at Sears for clothes when Matthew was a little boy because they didn't come in a "true red" color. Do you think THAT'S why he's gay? Do you think it's MY fault? Should I have bought him power tools instead? What did I do? Oh, what did I do????

Iused to wear sears "Husky" jeans, but since Sears made me gay I am now slim like any repectible homosexual.