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That darn Dobson

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Boy, the fun with James Dobson just keeps getting better. This guy is seriously whacked out... Just when you thought no one could top Pat Robertson, Dobson has to go and step up to the challenge. It wasn't good enough to lie through his ass in his Time magazine piece - now he's upped the ante...

The object of his ire? That cute little penguin movie Happy Feet.

Why? It has a pro-gay agenda, of course!

Now we're not talking about the children's book that stars two gay penguins. Shoot, we're not even talking Chilly Willy. This is serious stuff, folks. We're in true nut-ballery now - it's a hidden subtext. (Quick someone see how he enjoyed The Da Vinci Code!)

During a recent episode of Dobson's radio show (because what real Christian doesn't have his own media outlet?), he had conservative radio host Michael Medved on. I'll just put the transcript up and let you discuss in the comments... Won't it be grand when these jokers finally put down the pitchfork and realize how idiotic they look?

Read the transcript after the jump:

DOBSON: There is a movie that's out now, called Happy Feet. It's about penguins. It's obviously designed to pull children in and yet, you don't like it. I've read some of the things you've said about it. I haven't seen it and don't plan to see it but from what I've heard, I don't like it either. Explain why.

MEDVED: Because it's depressing and it's dark.


MEDVED: And then there's this whole subtext, as there so often is, about homosexuality. Not that the penguins are gay -- they're not gay -- but the one penguin hero doesn't fit in and the religious authorities -- the so-called religious right in the penguin world -- are very judgmental. They say, "You are not a penguin. You're not a real penguin." And then he makes this heartfelt plea, he says, "Dad, you have to accept me as I am. I can't change." And --

DOBSON: Are they getting at the idea that homosexuality is genetic? Is that what the subtle implication is?

MEDVED: Well, how many times do we hear that in the media? That it's not a matter of choice, it's not a matter of change, and my problem with that -- as I understand, that there are some people, who -- for whom that may be true, but they're other people -- and you and I know them -- who have changed their lives and have turned around their lives.

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"I haven't seen it and don't plan to see it but from what I've heard, I don't like it either"

Now here's a guy with an open mind!!!!

I know we learn from people who expose their true selves, but Bil, one plea, for even a few days:

Can we dispense with all things Dobson? He gives me heartburn. What a gasbag. A walking contradiction. Just waiting to turn into Jim Bakker.

More intersting today: Woodward's release of Gerry Ford's taped views on W's Iraqi policy.

God love Gerry Ford. Old age does bring wisdom.

Off the George W. Bugh family's Christmas Card list: Betty Ford.

On the list: James Dobson.

Go figure.