January 2, 2007

The Marion County Republican Party and Race (and a Recommendation for Required Reading)

Filed by Chris Douglas | January 02, 2007 | 8:09 PM | comments

In a previous post on the Past and Future of the Republican Party in Central Indiana, I referred to the events of 1966 wherein a progressive leadership overhauled the local GOP, recruited young professionals, and set the stage for significant...Read More

Former Joint Chief supports repeal of Don't Ask

Filed by Bil Browning | January 02, 2007 | 5:26 PM | comments

Former General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili has an eye-opening editorial in today's New York Times titled "Second Thoughts on Gays in the Military." The General recounts the history of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and...Read More

What a way to start the New Year

Filed by Bil Browning | January 02, 2007 | 1:27 PM | comments

Imagine that. Hate has reared it's ugly head - again. Six gay men were shot in a Chicago home as they celebrated the New Year with friends. The Chicago Sun Times has a disturbing article up about the incident. While...Read More