January 9, 2007

As if we're watching totally different movies

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Some things just aren't what they seem. We've all heard a lot over the past few years about "gay marriage." Allowing gays and lesbians to solemnize their relationships will be "the end of civilization." Things should remain "traditional." Marriage...Read More

Ok. Really.

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Is this news? I mean, really. Thanks to People magazine, we can now all gaze lovingly at the bare chest of Barrack Obama. The snapshot of the Senator from Illinois enjoying New Years in Hawaii is next to Hugh Jackman...Read More

Old Spice = sexy?

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Ah yes, the familiar sailboat logo on the classic white bottle cluttering thousands of medicine cabinets across America... It's an American fragrance icon -- and no self-respecting man (gay or straight!) would be caught dead wearing it. Perhaps you've noticed...Read More