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GO COLTS ! (no, you're not at the wrong site)

Filed By Don Sherfick | January 21, 2007 12:15 PM | comments

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THERE..... I said it...and I'm GLAD. On an LGBT-oriented website, no less.

And to those of my brothers (many) and sisters (fewer) that would pooh-pooh such a blatant, beer drinking, good-old-boy- macho, un-intellectual, you-name-it outburst, please just get over it, at least for today. Come to think of it, hold that pose until after Superbowl weekend. I think there's a great chance Tony Dungy's guys will be there, and bring home the rings.

I know... many of you (as I do) think that giving a new almost billion-dollar stadium priority over improving our schools is misguided. And usually, if I have the choice between a re-run of Will and Grace and an ordinary non-Indy NFL Sunday afternoon, the re-run gets my nod every time.

But today, let the NFL-fan closet within the LGBT closet get a little fresh air. As indeed it will. Just go downtown to an LGBT pub, or to countless get-togethers in LGBT homes, and you'll witness scenes largely indistinguishable from straight America's bars and family rooms. (Well, OK, except for maybe a slight excess of pink pom-poms and shouts of "YOU GO GIRLS!", and a few comments about "tight ends". By the way, the proper phrase is "Sack the Quarterback...not "Get the Quarterback in the sack".)

So I proclaim loudly: GO Colts offense.....GO Colts defense......ON Tony, ON Peyton, ON Reggie, ON Adam, ON Donder and Blitzen. (I may be not have the last two right, but nobody's perfect.) Beat the Patriots! Win the Superbowl and get that once-in-a lifetime chance to meet George Bush in the Rose Garden. (Runner-ups get to meet him twice.)

Sorry Will and Grace....I'll get back to you next weekend. I promise.

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I have a bit of a different take on this...

I too say go Colts...But the way I see it is if we're going to be paying a billion dollars for that stadium, I want a damned trophy to show for it. We're so shitfire sure we have to keep this football team in town, but I don't see that they bring us a whole lot - especially when they can't seem to bring home a trophy.

I don't think that's too much to ask for a billion dollar stadium. A super bowl win for a billion dollars.

I honestly don't care one whit about football. I think I'd be happier without the Colts or any other football team ever playing again. There's nothing that irritates me more when football pre-empts my favorite show.

But if I'm going to have to endure the idiocy that comes with football and the taxes that come with this waste of a stadium, I just want a super bowl win to make it all feel worthwhile.

LOL - I have to agree with Jerame on this one. If my taxes are going up so a bunch of millionaires can play a game, then they'd better be damn good at the game!