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Indianapolis stunned: Colts going to Superbowl

Filed By Bil Browning | January 21, 2007 11:09 PM | comments

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Well, who the hell thought that they'd pull it off? I sure didn't.

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Don Sherfick | January 22, 2007 8:40 AM

Yes! After seeing your and Jerame's comments to my pre-game cheerleader post yesterday, I was tempted to come over and try to interject some lightheartedness into your cold-water factory.

Yes indeed, millionaires were playing in a sub-billion dollar canvas covered palace, and when my TV show gets pre-empted I tend to get a bit grumpy, too. But I have an excuse...I'm more than twice as old as you are!

But, as Jerry and I can attest from our LGBT waterning-hole downtown last night, there were a lot of smiles and satisfaction all over. Given the hundreds of billions being spent in Iraq for daily blowouts followed by tears and destruction, there may be another perspective here. If the inhabitants of this planet could learn to vicariously vent all of their frustrations with each other in the form of 22 unarmed and unarmoured millionaire guys on a football field, I think several billion would be quite a bargain.
Don't you?

If nothing else, guys, watch the Superbowl commericals. The LGBT blogosphere breathlessly awaits your talented journalistic commentary on them.


I knew they'd do it sometime. What I was surprised at was how much of a baby the Patriot's coach was. Instead of showing sportsmanship and congratulating the Colts on their win, he just pouted. When they beat us, I don't remember Dungy pouting.

As I recall, the last time the Colts lost to the Pats in the playoffs, Coach Dungy had only recently buried his teenaged son.

Which is a hell of a lot more important than a football game.

And still he behaved in defeat, better than Bellechik behaves in victory.

Pouty (and gorgeous) Patriot QB Brady said after the game, when asked who he thought would win the Super Bowl: "I won't watch it. Can't."

Perspective, athletes. Perspective.