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Like deja vu all over again

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ifi.pngLast week it was The Dirty Underbelly that took the blogosphere by storm with links from national and local bloggers turning up the chatter on my call to gossip. (And let me tell you, there was quite a bit! Look for some really interesting stories later this week!)

And now today, Don has hit one out of the park. (Is that the right analogy to use for a football post?) His post, Tony, Say it isn't so!, has also made the big time! With Superbowl weekend coming up fast, it won't be long before the mainstream media picks up this story too.

And, really, why would Tony Dungy want to affiliate himself with these homophobic bigots? From the IFI website:

The enemies of SJR 7 are far more dangerous than the media and even most Christians realize. They not only want to destroy marriage and create a society free from any and all sexual boundaries, they will spare no effort to attain their ultimate goal of silencing all those who oppose them. You need only look at Canada and Sweden for the logical conclusion of their "this is our right" mentality. In those countries, citizens who speak out against the homosexual agenda are being charged with "hate speech" crimes and threatened with fines and jail time.

Homosexual activists here in Indiana are using the same game plan as was used in those countries. Promoting marriage as defined in scripture is at odds with the views of these radicals. Thus, they define such ideas as "hate speech" and attempt to punish those who oppose them through the law. The Left embraces these activists, but we must strongly oppose them; for we may lose even more than marriage if we fail.

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