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Ok. Really.

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obamaatbeach.jpgIs this news?

I mean, really.

Thanks to People magazine, we can now all gaze lovingly at the bare chest of Barrack Obama. The snapshot of the Senator from Illinois enjoying New Years in Hawaii is next to Hugh Jackman and Penelope Cruz.

What a trio.

Wolverine, a second rate Spanish actress, and a (future) candidate for President of the United States.

Of course, a picture of JFK with his shirt off didn't hurt his image in the least. I seem to remember one of Bill Clinton on the beach somewhere too after he left office. But why can't we seem to get to lay eyes on the fabulousness that is Bush Jr.? Oh yeah - that's right - they censored the photo of Bush in his nightclothes. You know it was because they didn't want the world to know his jammies were Grranimals.

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Hmm... if I vote by Abs.. it' would be Jackman by a huge margin. Get it together Obama!

Yeah, but are we voting on "best abs" for President? If W had a six-pack would it make him a better person? Hell, the current president has a 6 pack brain - and look at the trouble that's gotten us into!

Marla R. Stevens | January 11, 2007 4:40 AM

I'm no Obama fan (sorry Cousin Connye) but, to be fair, he's fit enough for the job and not so fit that you can tell he's been neglecting the job to get in more workout time.