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Talk about repressed feelings...

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Hat tip to Joe.My.God for this loving Christian ditty... "God hates fags. And if you're a fag, he hates you too." Geez. This would be better than any of the best propaganda pieces we could possibly put out; it really shows what the religious fundamentalists are teaching. Cuz you know, this big bear in the pink shirt has to sing about "fighting these feelings" by making a homophobic song. Wouldn't it have been easier to just come out and live your life? Geez.

I also find it really funny that the production company is called "Love God's Way" but then he sings about what God hates instead of loves. *sigh* Those kooky fundies....

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Wow, that's almost like a bad joke, unfortunately it appears to be sincere. (Invoking my best Chandler impression) "Could he *be* any gayer?" On the one hand, the double entendre of there's no "back door" to heaven and somebody "on his knees" are hilarious. On the other hand, he seems creepily happy about God hating people. Here's my question...if GOD = LOVE, how can LOVE = HATE? I've never quite understood that. It's a good thing I don't care, otherwise it might keep me up at night. I just regret that this guy has given Fred Phelps his own anthem.


So hilarious, in fact, that the humor just HAS to be intentional. It's got to be a very well-planned piece of satire. This is NOT the type of thing you'd see on conservative Christian broadcasting: it's way too over-the-top. It seems to take itself SOOO seriously, while appearing to be oblivious to the irony of the whole thing.

Just like those oh-so self-righteous but clueless fundies, eh?

I wondered that too, Angel. The guy seems so legit though. Perhaps we're playing into our own stereotypes?

Chris Douglas | January 23, 2007 6:00 PM

That video is jaw dropping. I could not be more detached from this guy or whatever crazy soup he's swimming in. Even if he were standing there in a chicken suit, it's hard to imagine him being more comic than this in the eyes of normal people.

It is not comic, however, that there are gays out there who would through self-loathing actually take him seriously. I suspect THAT is the target audience, and it is very sad indeed the emotional turmoil those folks go through before they figure things out. To that turmoil may be attributed a significant part of the suicide rate among youths, alas.

On second thought, I suppose the video isn't comic at all, but truly hateful.

A little investigation: The singer's name is Donnie Davies. He's serious. You can see more about his organization at their website. I love the part where he tells you what rock bands are okay for your "might be gay" teen to listen to... Heterosexual icon Cyndi Lauper makes the "safe" list, but gay bands include Polyphonic Spree and Phish. Phish? That's a hippie/stoner band, ya idiot!

He makes it too easy for us to show the fundamentalists as deluded fools.

Marla R. Stevens | January 24, 2007 9:40 AM

It's hateful in a self-loathing, ego-dystonic homosexuality way and, like so many of the products of such sick minds, sad and maddening when you realize that he's trying to capitalize on the pain he helps cause for the young LGBT people (particularly young male gays) and their ignorant, fearful parents who are his target audience by his own admission.

He's a victim in the manner of Jews who were Kapos in the Holocaust camps -- a victim who ought to know better but who instead of having the courage to deal with his oppression head-on, identifies instead with his victimizers and becomes one of them.

There are special places in hell for people like him.

Marla R. Stevens | January 24, 2007 8:21 PM

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