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The Colts respond - sort of

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I spoke a few minutes ago with Nicole Duncan, Director of Community Relations/Marketing Communications for the Colts. (You try getting a statement out of the Colts when it's Superbowl week!)

Ms. Duncan was unaware that Coach Dungy would be appearing at the Indiana Family Institute dinner and said she would investigate the matter. She referred me to the Public Relations department, but then added that they were all in Florida so it was doubtful they'd have time to speak with me. She took down my contact information and promised to pass it on to Craig Kelley, Vice President of Public Relations. We'll see if he responds...

So, here is the most expansive statement I've gotten to date out of the Colts - courtesy of Ms. Duncan...

"He does a ton of fundraising dinners. I can't comment. I haven't seen this. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention."

Keep calling the Colts comment line and sending them e-mails! Maybe you'll get more of a response than I did! If so, tell us about it!

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If you're a season ticket holder, you can call your Colts customer care rep and tell them about Dungy's appearance with the IFI. Several of my straight coworkers who have season tickets got through to their reps this afternoon. A few commented that their reps had no idea Dungy was doing this and would make a report.

Isn't there an issue with usage of official NFL logos? I mean, he appears on the invitation in full Colts regalia, and the NFL is so touchy about usage of their logos that most television commercials avoid them, much less IFI.

It seems to me that either (a) the NFL is unaware that the Colts' logo is being used in this way and would have a problem with it, or (b) the NFL is fully aware of the usage of the Colts' logo and supports the cause.

Either way, it's not pretty.