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The story gets out

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My post "The Dirty Underbelly" seems to have taken on a life of its own. Blogs from New Jersey to China have picked up the story now. I thought I'd share some of the sites that have picked up on the story - including some big national blogs! My hits are through the roof this week!

If you blog about this leave me a comment and give me the link and I'll add you to the list. Let's get the call to arms gossip out there!

A Commonplace Book - bilerico's new policy
Advance Indiana - Fighting Back
BlogSheroes - The Feminist Blogging Network - Wednesday Blogwhoring (Crosspost from Shakespeare's Sister.)
Here Comes Johnny Yen Again... - We Can Win the War on Hypocrisy
Indiana Barrister - Culture War of Nerves!
Indiana Barrister - Continuing the Culture War
Indy Star (RiShawn Biddle) - Desperation isn't a good political strategy
Masson's Blog - Bilerico: On Throwing Stones from Glass Houses
Pam's House Blend - Bilerico's had it with the hypocritical homobigots in Indiana - Bilerico's had it with the hypocritical homobigots in Indiana (Cross-post from Pam's House Blend.)
Ramblings from a Lesbian Poly-Sci Student - No Special Rights for Heterosexuals
Sardonic Bomb - Getting Even
Shakespeare's Sister - Wednesday Blogwhoring
Towleroad - News: The Moon, Web Celebs, Homophobic T-shirts, Ryan Reynolds

UPDATE: A few new entries...
CorrenteWire - Dirty Sex and Clean Politics
Howey Political Report - Our Politics of Personal Destruction (Even though he spelled "bilerico" wrong. *sigh*)
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - sometimes you gotta hit a jackass with a 2x4 to get its attention

UPDATE 2: See the following links for more posts on about this topic:
The Dirty Underbelly - the original post
Touch a nerve? - the followup
The story gets out - list of bloggers linking to the post
You're mad too? Welcome to IAN - A way you help to channel some of your anger
"What You People Should Do" - Chris Douglas weighs in
Battling Legislative Hypocricy - Don Sherfick speaks
Looking for Specifics - some info I need based on tips that I've gotten
Weekend Roundup - A roundup of posts on the site and more blogs that are linking to the post

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Can I do some blog whoring? I have a response to the Indianapolis Star Blog.

Awesome post earlier, and way to represent for the Hoosier gays.