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What a way to start the New Year

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Imagine that. Hate has reared it's ugly head - again. Six gay men were shot in a Chicago home as they celebrated the New Year with friends.

The Chicago Sun Times has a disturbing article up about the incident. While they're not quite calling the shootings a hate crime yet, it sure seems like it. The neighbors call the residence the "gay house" and there certainly are some homophobic neighbors:

The gunmen, who fired semi-automatic weapons, did not utter slurs or have any verbal exchange with people at the party.

But some neighborhood folks said they wouldn't be surprised if the shooting was motivated by anti-gay sentiments.

"We always be seeing them, and they always be looking at people," said Kevin Carter, 18. "They give you that gay look, like you're a female or something. That ain't cute. People be ready to fight . . . I knew something was going to happen to that house."

Wow. I wonder what "that gay look" is... I mean, why would a gay man look at you like you're a female? Wouldn't that mean that boy is pissed off that no one's giving him a "Come fuck me" glance since, well, gay men don't want to have sex with women and therefore wouldn't give women "the look?"

Seriously, the logic matches the grammar. Geez.

I hope that they are quick to find the assailants. The victims deserve justice.

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