February 17, 2007

Weekend blogwhoring

Filed by Bil Browning | February 17, 2007 | 11:27 PM | comments

The Indiana blogwhoring edition apparently... Faux Real - which just got added to the permanent blog roll. She's good. Real good. Blogsquad - INTake Weekly's blog. I know, I know, it's the bastard child of the Indy Star, but the...Read More

The Goebbels Experiment

Filed by Chris Douglas | February 17, 2007 | 5:06 PM | comments

A Jewish community of generally European descent in Indiana has united in opposition to the leadership of an aggression perpetrated by some Hoosiers of Germanic name.... Brandt Hershman, James Bopp, Eric Miller, Brian Bosma, Jeff Drozda.... who claim virtue over a minority, and are starting by amending the Constitution so that it doesn't cover gays, part of their campaign also to deny benefits to domestic partners at our universities. We're hoping another Hoosier of Germanic name.. Bauer... will serve as a check on this indecent aggression. Maybe he will, but alas there is no reason to be optimistic. You think you are only a spectator, and not an active participant complicit in a monstrous outcome, which your silence makes possible. The Jewish community isn't silent. They've seen this movie before. They know it doesn't end well.Read More

100% Badass Queer People

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 17, 2007 | 3:48 PM | comments

Rep. Barney Frank's speech on the non-binding anti-escalation resolution: Gosh, this feels weird, but h/t to kos....Read More

Pass that Buck

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 17, 2007 | 2:27 PM | comments

The California governor has promised to veto a bill that might be passed this year that would recognise same-sex marriages. Arnold says:Schwarzenegger said Thursday that if another gay marriage measure goes on the California ballot in the future, "the people...Read More

Barber to Hardaway: This is how we do it

Filed by Alex Blaze | February 17, 2007 | 11:51 AM | comments

Matt Barber of the Concerned Women for America has released a statement concerning Tim Hardaway's comments concerning John Amaechi's coming out. It's just special:Hardaway's comments are both unfortunate and inappropriate. They provide political fodder for those who wish to paint...Read More

Procreation and the Will of God

Filed by Sheila S. Kennedy | February 17, 2007 | 11:24 AM | comments

It's petty of me, I know, but I have really enjoyed the somewhat "in your face" tactic of a gay-rights group in Washington state. In the wake of a decision by a Washington court upholding the state's ban on same-sex...Read More


Quote of the day

Filed by Ed Team | February 17, 2007 | 9:53 AM | comments

"New Rule: There's more to being smart than just not misspeaking. The world is a complicated place. Sometimes it all feels like a runaway train of violence, resentment and insecurity - sort of like a family reunion at Ryan O'Neil's...Read More