February 27, 2007

Bait and switch

Filed by Bil Browning | February 27, 2007 | 7:57 PM | comments

Senator Brandt Hershman's Senate Bill 65 has passed the Senate. You know how they sometime name bills after dead children or fancy acronyms? Maybe they can call this one the "What domestic violence issue?" bill. Remember, Hershman keeps claiming that...Read More


Free Judy Shepard tickets!

Filed by Bil Browning | February 27, 2007 | 3:41 PM | comments

I'll bet that got your attention, didn't it? *grins* I'm proud to announce bilerico.com's first contest. The prize? Tickets for you and a friend to hear Judy Shepard speak at the University of Indianapolis Ransburg Auditorium AND access to the...Read More

Cleaning out the files - more non-SJR-7 diversion (almost)

Filed by Don Sherfick | February 27, 2007 | 11:15 AM | comments

One thing I've discovered since becoming a contributor to this site, and searching the Internet for links or other material to support or embellish my offerings, is that I've managed to pick up some odds and ends that don't quite...Read More

RiShawn Biddle nails it

Filed by Bil Browning | February 27, 2007 | 11:14 AM | comments

Since Senator Jeff Drozda's amendment forbidding gays and lesbians from adopting died yesterday, I'm a little late in pointing out this blog post on Expresso. But you know, some things are so good there's no expiration date. RiShawn has taken...Read More

Drozda: 0 - Equality: 1

Filed by Bil Browning | February 27, 2007 | 10:29 AM | comments

You'll remember from my Statehouse Roundup post that one of the issues the LGBT community faced this legislative session was Republican Senator Jeff Drozda's amendment to an adoption bill that would have forbid courts from allowing otherwise qualified individuals to...Read More

Dear Michele

Filed by Michele O'Mara | February 27, 2007 | 8:16 AM | comments

Q. Dear Michele, I have kind of a complicated problem with a guy. He and I dated for a while about five years ago, off and on, for about half a year. He was plenty nice and the sex...Read More


Quote of the Day

Filed by Ed Team | February 27, 2007 | 6:00 AM | comments

I feel confused and I am in a dilemma. If I don't tell the truth, I lie to the people in the whole world. If I tell the truth I am worried that I will be detained. --AIDS activist and...Read More