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Chuck Knipp speaks, nothing much intelligent said

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 15, 2007 11:39 PM | comments

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The Bay Area Reporter has an article about the recent Hartford, Los Angeles, and New Orleans cancellations of Chuck Knipp's performance of Shirley Q. Liquor. Here's an interesting paragraph:

I don't mind critics ... not scared of controversy. I'm so glad black and white folk, especially the gay community, are finally getting the REAL discussion started. I'm glad to be the 'boogeyman' if Americans of various races will finally speak TRUTH to each other. This politically correct shit has done nothing but silence the conversation that black and white Americans have needed to have for WAY too long now.
Uhhhhhhhhh, yeah. By that logic....

Actually, no, it feels pretty silly to play By That Logic with someone who is obviously lying or just plain dumb (probably a little of both). The dude realises what he's doing but just doesn't care. No amount of arguing will get him to give up his gravy train since he knows he won't ever come up with anything legitimately funny.

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Confused... | August 8, 2007 5:10 PM

Is there a point to this? What is Chuck Knapp lying about, or what makes you think he's dumb? You offer plenty of exclamations but no explanations. And what is the difference between "legitimately funny" and just plain "funny"? Lastly, am I the only one amused at the incongruity of such a self-righteous tirade followed by a banner ad for ninja swords?