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Cleaning out the files - more non-SJR-7 diversion (almost)

Filed By Don Sherfick | February 27, 2007 11:15 AM | comments

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One thing I've discovered since becoming a contributor to this site, and searching the Internet for links or other material to support or embellish my offerings, is that I've managed to pick up some odds and ends that don't quite seem to deserve "full article" treatment. I'll share a few with you before tossing them:

1. The Anna Nichole Smith saga - much as I would like to believe otherwise, there seems to be absolutely NO relevance to a marriage amendment like SJR-7 in this story......unless the Bahamas has a similar piece of ambiguous nonsense and somebody is trying to establish its paternity under Bahamian law. If anybody knows of any Indiana state senators, (one in particular comes to mind) who have visited that little island lately, please let me know. Good prices paid for DNA samples.

2. The current Clinton-Obama dust-up over the Michael Geffen comments - somebody sent me a clipping about Monica's blue dress being a "legal incident of marriage", the Clinton one that is. Please, this is a serious website. May we have a sense of decorum here?

3. The impact of the hot air generated in the Indiana General Assembly over SJR-7 upon global warming. I've written Al Gore about this but so far no reply. Maybe after the aftermath of his Oscar dies down. (See related Item No. 5 below)

4. Why Mitch Daniels is trying so hard to privatize the Indiana Lottery. Maybe so we can legally bet on the date and time Ted Haggard re-emerges as the head of a brand new Ex-Gay ministry. But perhaps I have that one confused with when he re-emerges as the new Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign. Or maybe just re-emerges from wherever his head currently is. Somebody please calculate the odds.

5. All those stories popping up about same-sex pairings in the animal kingdom. Like the penguins. One of them phoned me the other day (we're on the Indiana "do not call" list but apparently bird-calls aren't prohibited) and said he was taking a survey on attitudes about animal homosexuality. He got furous when I started laughing hysterically. I wish penguins would lighten up a bit......but then maybe I'd be up-tight too if my iceberg were melting and I was trying to make it one more time before my significant other disappeared beneath the waves. Maybe there is an Al Gore tie-in (see item 3 above) after all

Before leaving that one, yes, I did see "Happy Feet". And yes, there is more to happiness than just feet. I think for gay penguins, at least.

6. Finally in this grouping: Is anyone else out there getting spam messages about converting the words of the second paragraph of SJR-7 into ancient Hebrew, setting them next to their counterparts in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, computing the ratio of average word length of the former to the latter, and multiplying by the number of "seal judgments" in Revelations 6? I just never got all this "biblical code" stuff, but maybe there IS something hidden in the text of SJR-7 that might disturb its evangelical supporters. Wouldn't that be ironic? The Lord works in strange ways. Where did I put Pat Robertson's 700 Club number?

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Dude, Don, you're so weird.... AWESOME! Great post.
Haggard said he was moving to midwest to somewhere that the real estate is cheap - it don't get much cheaper than the flatlands here! If I see him on or in a bar, i'll be sure to take one for the team and take my camera along.... a bilerico exclusive!

Look for the 700 Club number inside Ted Haggard - you know, where he kept his drugs. LOL

Great post, Don.