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Conservatives can't tell jokes

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 16, 2007 2:44 PM | comments

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And aren't they always calling us "humorless liberals"?

Here's a bit from the new conservative satire show on Fox News, 1/2 Hour News Hour (man, even the title's lame):

I guess they couldn't even get a studio audience to laugh at any of their jokes so they turned on the Laugh-O-Tron 3000.

While I haven't seen the entire episode, just quite a few clips on YouTube, there's a Townhall contributor who has and here's what he thought:

In that context, it's too bad that the producers didn't make a point of innoculating themselves against such charges [of racism] by using some "people of color" to deliver the jokes, the satiric barbs that fuel the entertainment. The only darker skin shades on the show turn up among targets of the humor, not from those who administer the teasing. Unfortunately, the engaging male-female hosts and the various "experts" featured in skits, remain lilly white.
Man, if even Townhall thinks that your show is too white, then... Wow. Just wow.

The show ends up appearing tired in its very first episode. The humor is lame, the delivery is forgettable, and the hosts seem immature. Even the name sounds like something I would have heard from one of my junior high school students. The show doesn't appear to draw humor from the irony, absurdism, satire, or slap-stick that made other political shows great, like The Daily Show, The Corbert Report, or even SNL's "Weekend Update". The inattention to detail, unengaging hosts, and cheap shots make it seem like a live-action Ann Coulter column, and there's nothing funny about that.

But, if this show continues, it's going to inevitably draw on racism, heterosexism, misogyny, and nativist sentiments for humor, and that will get it more clips on YouTube than Paris Hilton.

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the title is most likely inspired by/derivative of this hour has 22 minutes, CBC's news satire program which actually predates the daily show by a few years. of course, what i've seen of this hour... is hilarious, so obviously the fox people weren't that inspired.

Yeah, I've seen other clips from the show and sadly - this was one of the funniest. It won't last long. Good writing and funny jokes go a long way to making The Daily Show what it is. Without that, they're going to fall flat on their faces.