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The Huffington Post has a post up by Eric Alva, the first person to have been injured in the Iraq War, who was honored by the President and the First Lady with the Purple Heart after thirteen years of service, and, more importantly to some people, he was on Oprah. In it, he comes out and expresses his feelings on DADT. A bit:

To be honest, each time I was commended on my courage, I couldn't help but remember how scared I was that I would be found out as gay and kicked out of the military. I remember the fear I felt when people around me in the military started debating the new "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy even before it became law. During training meetings people would make such nasty remarks about homosexuals. Still, my proudest moments during my 13 years in the military came when I would confide in one of my friends about my sexual orientation and they would still treat me with the same respect as before.
Check out the rest.

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Good for him to have the courage to come out and stand up to this ridiculous policy!