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I really do have a job to get back to, but I found this Mother Jones article on the cultural phenomenon that is Hillary Clinton. I can recommend it for reading material even though I've only read half - I really do have a real job!

Anyway, the article is about how the way one looks at Hillary says more about the person doing the looking than it does about her. Pretty much everything is like that, but since Hillary has become a ubiquitous part of our culture, since she polls with very close approval/disapproval numebrs, and since she is an incredibly intelligent, well-educated, politically powerful woman, her presence makes for a unique opportunity for self-examination and the examination (the article doesn't get much into this, but at least I think so) of the construction of narratives.

Anyway, my opinion fell into several of the categories, but here's the most dominant right now:

THE BARBARA BOXER HILLARY: You see her as a phony liberal, always playing to the amen chorus of the far left, willing to betray her true centrist self for power.

Thought you all would like this considering some of the Hillary talk that's been going on here.

h/t to Feministing

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I tend to fall under:

the lady macbeth hillary: You fixate on pictures of Hillary wearing big dark sunglasses, behind which she conspires to take over the world. Ruthless, conniving, calculating, icy, and manipulating, this Hillary crafted that phony post-Monica talking point?"I could hardly breathe"?as evidence of her "emotional side." This Hillary spooked her potential senatorial opponent K.T. McFarland, a former Pentagon official, into charging that she "had helicopters flying over my house in Southampton today taking pictures." This Hillary will abandon her principles for short-term political gain and will coldly undercut her oldest friends if need be?remember Peter and Marian Wright Edelman? This is the Hillary who, hours after hearing the truth about Monica, was in the solarium considering whether to help Bill's speechwriters draft his dodgy confession. This version of the senator is known by the name that elevates her into the pantheon of scheming one-named women such as Medea and Evita. She is, simply, Hillary.