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I Have to Wonder...

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I have to wonder what goes on in the minds of people. As I see the legislature of the state in which I was born continue to steamroll discrimination into the constitution, I wonder what is it about two people who, simply, love differently, that incites so much hate.

It seems to me that the real reason for all the hate is that it benefits the leaders of the hate groups. In the churches, same-sex love is something that the leaders of the churches can use to shake more money from their flock. Republicans use the issue to get more votes.

Daddy Cheney threw his own daughter under the bus to get votes for his party, after all. (Although she will certainly be able to buy most the protections she needs anyway.)

But what I find completely baffling is how more people don't seem to know that the only reason their pastors, or their politicians, care at all about this "hot" issue is to get something from them (their money or their vote).

Many people in Indiana will vote against their own best interests, for one single issue. Many will not read all of the commentary about the potentially devastating impact that this constitutional amendment will have on domestic violence laws.

The governor is already trying to combat what is sure to be a brain drain by bribing college grads to stay a little longer in the state, but the far-reaching and long-term impacts of statewide discrimination can only be seen with time.

I am a contributor to Pam's House Blend, where I discussed the senate vote today. One of the readers (already a victim of Tennessee's constitutionally-bound discrimination against her) made a sad comment about going to visit her partner's family in Indiana, and though they have always been nice, having to wonder when they go next Christmas, sitting around at the various gatherings and parties, who might have voted for them to be second-class citizens in the Hoosier state.

As a resident of New York, where our newly-elected Governor just tripled the budget for the LGBT community, the dichotomy between one state and another is, to put it simply, rather huge.

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Whoo! Great first post! Welcome to Bilerico! I look forward to blogging with you, Julien!

I got first comment! Whoo!

Thanks Alan! Yes, exciting to be here and exciting to get a comment! More voices need to be heard in Hoosier-land!

I live in a state house district where a poll by the republican representative (and Elvis impersonator) garnered 85% favorability to the amendment (I was actually somewhat heartened by the 8% who would vote against it.). I live in the senate district represented by the bigot John Waterman who sent out a brochure telling people that gays have to recruit (Waterman's picture always reminds me of a shyster car salesman). As a farm owner I am bound here by the land I love as well as family which I love. As a gay person I can but only cry at times like these which make me feel less the Hoosier. And then do what I can in my own way to renew the fight against such discrimination.

Doesn't it just drive you crazy that in a state known for our connections to the KKK we would be going down this path yet again? With the recent report that the KKK is gaining membership in Indiana on the backs of the gay community, you'd think that our legislators would remember D.C. Stephenson and other assorted unsavory politicians and religious leaders who led our state astray back then. Sadly, discrimination is back in vogue.

I remember being quite young and learning about the roots of the KKK in Indiana...I believe the town where I went to high school, Greenfield, was a hotbed as well. I haven't been back to that town since 1987; it would be a shame if it is backtracking along with the rest of the state.