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In defense of Sheila

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Over on the American Values Alliance site some folks you might know have come to the defense of AVA (and!) contributor Sheila Suess-Kennedy.

You might remember that Sheila wrote a post for bilerico that she turned into a column for the Indianapolis Star entitled "Sex, Lies and Politics." The well-written column was reprinted on several blogs and made the round of mailing lists. However, out-of-state wingnut Chris Stovall penned a reply letter to the Star called "Get facts straight on same-sex issue" that insinuated Sheila was violating ethical rules governing Indiana attorneys with her opinion. Of course, this simply isn't true and is yet another tactic in the far-right's arsenal of dirty tricks.

AVA President Bill Groth, fellow bilerico contributor Don Sherfick, civil rights attorney Robb Minich and Kerry Blomquist from the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence have penned a spirited response to Stovall's pack of lies that you should definitely read. They have submitted the letter to the Indy Star for publication.

While Mr. Stovall is free to disagree with Ms. Kennedy's views, his suggestion that her opinions are outside the bounds of the professional ethical standards governing attorneys is a form of rhetorical thuggery that undermines civil discourse and the cogency of his own arguments.

Mr. Stovall is an out-of-state advocate for amendments on marriage like SJR-7, currently before our legislature...

What is most disturbing about Mr. Stovall's piece is his pulling out of thin air his "Law 101" definition of "construe", insisting that it only applies when a statute is unclear. But this does not apply when, as would happen if SJR-7 were to be enacted, a judge would be told by the constitution itself NOT to construe a law a certain way. The public has differing opinions on same-sex marriage, civil unions, and related benefits. But all should be concerned over the current frenzy to ram through a proposal, the meaning of which even its proponents are in disagreement over.

Get over to the AVA site and read the whole thing. Sign up for an account while you're there and leave Sheila a statement of support. I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

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