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MAD as HELL over SJR-7!

Filed By Don Sherfick | February 12, 2007 4:59 PM | comments

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You likely just saw Bil's item advising that the full Indiana Senate this afternoon passed and sent SJR7 to the House of Representatives, 39 to 10. I was going to wait until I could determine how many Democrats voted for and how many against (I am certain the Republicans were united for the measure), but I am finding myself getting hotter and hotter over this development, and need to express that.

Not that this vote wasn''t a sure thing.....we all knew that the Senate would rubber stamp Brant Hershman's pitiful excuse that continues to pose as serious and clear language constitutional language. We knew that the real challange was (and now truly is) ahead in a House of Representatives which the Democats control by a bare 51-49 under Speaker Bauer. Still, although one can fully anticipate an outcome, when it actually happens it can provoke a lot of righteous anger simply because it is silly, unfair, un-needed and just plain dumb.

You'll notice I didn't add "bigoted" or "full of hate". I usually part company with Bil, most other contributors, and likely most of you in that I am not quick to use such too to promiscuously, believeing that like anything else, overuse of any term lessens its effectiveness when it really counts. Nonetheless, those terms are churning around inside me itching to come out......and I reserve the right to fail to control them downstream, which may be sooner than later. What I will say that while I can't look into the hearts of each legislator and firmly label him or her bigoted or hatful, I have no hesitancy whatsoever sayng that the prime motivation behind this measure has its roots firmly in bigotry and hatred.

Senator Brant Hershman says he takes umbrage at the fact that he is accused of bigotry and hatred, says he holds nothing against us, and pleads that he is only guided by the lofty goal of preserving and protecting traditional marriage. When I hear that I want to SCREAM at him, Brian Bosma, and a host of other self-professed protectors of civic order and morality: "WHY DON'T YOU PROVE THAT YOU REALLY MEAN THAT BY INITIATING SOME LEGISLATION, EVEN THE TINIEST CRUMB OF A LAW, THAT WOULD ALLEVIATE THE REAL PROBLEMS GAY AND LESBIAN HOUSEHOLDS EXPERIENCE? SUCH AS A VERY SIMPLE ONE THAT WOULD GIVE LOVING COMMITTED COUPLES THE FINANCIAL PROTECTION OF A 100% EXEMPTION FROM INHERITANCE TAXES. RIGHT NOW, THE LAW, WHICH THE LAW RESERVES THIS BENEFIT ONLY TO MARRIED SPOUSES, EVEN IF ONE DIES AFTER MERE HOURS OF NEWLYWED BLISS. No amount of fancy wills or other legal work can give them that entitlement, despite what misrepresentations YOU are spewing. And to heap insult upon injury, when and if that monstrosity you call the second section of the "Marriage Amendment" is enacted, you and your legislature will be POWERLESS to do even that little bit for us.

But my anger and frustration isn't limited to just the authors, but to those sheepish lawmakers, of both parties, who detest what is happening but do not have the BASIC MORAL COURAGE to stand up and say, if applicable: "I have big problems with same sex marriage, and I am lukewarm at most on civil unions. But I must not, cannot, and will not vote for something that I do not understand and which has the real potential for doing significantl harm." Yes, Senator or Representative, your constituents may still take your saying that and voting accordingly as endorsing same-sex marriage. And gosh, it might mean you won't be re-elected next time or might have to get out and explain your principles to them. But the single act of courage might just say to them, and the public at large, that you are not a phony, that you are telling it like it is: ANY WAY YOU CUT IT, SJR-7 IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.That is what I was taught some sixty years ago, and seek to tell my children and grandchildren, is the very essence of decent and honorable democracy.

One battle this session may be over, but the war is far from finished. Please resolve, like I have despite my current state of mind this wintry evening, to get back into the trenches tommorrow morning. I think there are enough snowshovels.

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