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The California governor has promised to veto a bill that might be passed this year that would recognise same-sex marriages. Arnold says:

Schwarzenegger said Thursday that if another gay marriage measure goes on the California ballot in the future, "the people can make the decision."

"They should make the decision," he said. "But it should not be me or the Legislature."

Because the legislature cannot represent the will of the people. Right.

This new statement is at least more consistent with the social conservative "activist judges" narrative than his statement regarding his 2005 rejection of the same bill that said that the issue should be decided by the people or the courts. But he apparently still thinks that people's marriages should be decided by a popular vote of an arbitrary group of people.

Sometimes I think that a little education is in order for these sorts of people. How would Arnold feel if his marriage to Maria Shriver were left up to a popular ballot? How would he feel if he tried to get it passed and failed and most of the people who voted didn't even know who he was? Well, let's turn the tables a bit.

For your democratic pleasure, here's a poll for YOU TO DECIDE!

While it'd be better if a blog poll were legally binding, we'll take what we can get. Decide based on whatever criteria you choose and use the comments to describe those criteria. I'll post the results next Saturday. Enjoy!

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