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"To me -- it's all the same hate. The men pushing SJR-7 are no different, in my mind, than the guy who fired me from my job because I'm gay, or the guy who stalked and raped me, or the guy who pistol-whipped my roommate in the alley outside Greg's Place downtown.

One takes their hate and puts it into action by crafting hate-filled legislation, and the other used the blunt-force of a gun handle against someone's skull - why do I have to treat one differently then the other? They have the same devastating effect on my life, either way; I fail to see any real distinction between the two. But I have to engage in "principled, reasonable discussion" with one, but not the other? Mary, please.

A bigot by any name is still a fucking bigot." -- Steph Mineart on A Commonplace Book in response to RiShawn Biddle's Expresso posting "Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right."

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