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"We're going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I'm still a 55-year-old virgin. [...] [My partner and I] have millions of dollars in our name. It's killing me that upon my death, K.T. is going to lose 50 percent of everything I have to estate taxes. Or vice versa."
--Personal finance guru Suze Orman, in an interview with Editor and Publisher

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Good lord. for such an intelligent woman, she can certainly said some idiotic things there.

Would any reality-based person accept her virginity comment? Imagine if a gay male said that he was a virgin because he'd never been with a woman. He'd be laughed out of the room. As to her inheritance issues, sure her partner can't inherit the whole ball of wax like a spouse, but there are legal remedies such as trusts that I can't quite believe she hasn't taken advantage of. It sounds like a half-assed way of signalling that she's pro-gay marriage but is afraid that if she is more strident, her sales will fall off amongst the fundie set.

All I'll say about the virgin comment is to wait for video, if there was any. I know that a few other blogs have made fun of her for it, but she may have meant it as a joke.

Yes, it probably was a joke that fell flat Alex.

On the other hand, she IS a television personality whose image is as valuable as her financial expertise. She's no doubt very aware that anything she says in public is subject to parsing and analysis by the public. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this story over the next few days.

Yeah she should be aware. But from what I've seen of her, impromptu comedy is not her forte. Yeah, it will be pretty interesting to see what some of her more conservative fans think about this.