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You know, when Tim made the comment, and a lot of people you know bashed him and jumped on him, but at the same time I'm almost 100% sure that there are other people who feel the way he does, and they either just weren't brave enough, or, just weren't, they said, stupid enough to come out and openly say that. He just openly said how he really feels.

You know, I think what he did and the whole situation is really going to open people's eyes and say, "You know what, there really is an issue." And not only in sports, there is an issue in society. There's an issue in America that people still aren't OK with people being themselves. Whether that's, you know, in NBA, WNBA, and, you know, just corporate America. I think it still is an issue. But I think hopefully this will kind of open people's eyes, and as you said, people have to step back and kind of reexamine themselves and say, you know, "Well, how do I feel?"

You know, lots of times it's a lot easier for people to feel a certain way and not voice how they feel. And for Tim to come out and openly say that, I think, really is going to open a lot of doors and a lot of people's eyes to help them step back and say, "You know what, this really is an issue, and we really do have a problem. How do we solve that problem? How do we fix it?"
--WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes on Hardaway's comments, from Yahoo! Sports

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