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RiShawn Biddle nails it

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Since Senator Jeff Drozda's amendment forbidding gays and lesbians from adopting died yesterday, I'm a little late in pointing out this blog post on Expresso. But you know, some things are so good there's no expiration date.

RiShawn has taken quite a bit of flack lately for some of his recent posts on the subject of gay marriage. While he's repeatedly said that he's against a constitutional amendment, he's taken a few of us bloggers to the woodshed too for what he deemed over-the-top statements. This time, it's Jeff Drozda that get taken out back.

Personally, I like RiShawn. He's a really nice guy. We had lunch last week and talked about the mini brouhaha in the blogosphere over his posts. As he explained to me - and I agree with him on this - his business is journalism. He has the unenviable position of pointing out the flaws on both sides - including the side he agrees with. Otherwise, he's be a FOX news anchor, eh?

As with colleague Brandt Hershman's attempt to narrowly define the definition of families, Drozda's efforts ignore the reality that family isn't determined by state or local governments, but by men and women no matter their racial, ethnic, economic or sexual situations, who choose their families on their own terms alone. And that's how it should be. Both men, in turn, fail to realize that the definition of family itself has morphed over the past centuries from extended matriarchies to the nuclear married family to a combination of such forms.

Drozda doesn't have any real problems with nontraditional parents adopting children. Not at all. His amendment targets one group and one group only. The only interpretation one can take from the amendment is that Drozda is bigoted against gays. Period. If that is so, it would be nice if he was at least honest about it instead of hiding behind the dry language of legislation.

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RiShawn is an amiable scribe on some issues, Bil. His selective indignation is troubling, but he tilts at the Star executives' windmills more than anyone else there. That, and Amos Brown hates him. Two good reasons to pay attention to what he says.

But he needs to learn the newspaperman's cardinal rule: don't get in the last word. When columnists, or bloggers, own the medium, they should strongly resist the temptation to get in the last word. It's tacky.

He could learn a little humility, too, because like all of us, he's wrong sometimes.