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SJR-7 passes the Senate

Filed By Bil Browning | February 12, 2007 3:35 PM | comments

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The Indiana State Senate has passed SJR-7, the proposed amendment to the constitution that would not only outlaw same-sex marriage, but would also strip all unmarried couples of hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights, domestic partner benefits, civil unions and domestic violence protections (among other things!).

The vote was 39 in favor and 10 against. Sam Smith did not vote and was excused today (He wasn't at the Senate for the vote.)

More details to follow.

UPDATE 5:04pm: I would encourage everyone to e-mail thank you letters to those brave Senators who stood up and voted in favor of equality. The Senators who voted against SJR-7 include:

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Well, I am not surprised. I want to see the roll call breakdown though.

Can't say I'm gonna be too sad to leave this state next year. What nonsense.

My partner and I agree with you Carrie. We have a lot better things to do with our time and money than support a declining state that sees us a liability. The 21st century world is small and full of wonderful creative places that have the welcome mat out for us. Time to say goodbye to Indiana and begin a new adventure.

BigR_usa Indiana | October 5, 2007 6:45 PM

yeah ! it passed
you all are just wrong and sick, God loves you but really hates your life. How can I say this, I read the Bible, well most of it. Enough to get the jest of what gove Loves (you and me) and hates all sin yours and mine.