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ipod.gifThere have been a couple local podcasts lately that deal specifically with SJR-7 - the proposed amendment to the Indiana constitution that would ban same-sex marriage and civil unions.

First, has a podcast from Feb 13th that features Jeff Jones, Scott Trout, and Dave Heeke discussing the proposed amendment. You can download the podcast directly here.

Joh Padgett's Monticellocast also has a podcast that came out yesterday that focuses on SJR-7 with a variety of guests. Joh likes to call himself a "liberaltarian" and is worried about the effects of SJR-7 on Indiana's citizens - both LGBT and straight. You can download the podcast directly here.

Joh interviewed Bo Shuff from Equality Ohio about the ramifications that Ohio's amendment has had on domestic violence laws and strategies from around the country to defeat similar amendments. (You might remember Bo from his time here in Indianapolis. When we were advocating on behalf of the Indianapolis human rights ordinance, Bo was the HRC representative from Washington DC who assisted and provided back-up for Julie Anderton, the Indy HRC chair.)

Joh also interviewed Gary Welsh from Advance Indiana and myself for a section of the podcast. Our portion starts about 1/3 of the way into the show if you're looking for our section.

My thanks to Joh for inviting me on his podcast. I've had several interview requests over the past couple weeks. If you're interested in either having me speak about SJR-7 or helping you to find a more appropriate resource, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail.

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You were a great guest for the Monticellocast, as was Gary. Thank you for introducing me to Bo Shuff as well, he was a valuable resource to interview for this subject too. I hope this podcast helps to educate folks about just what kind of a fast one the Dominionists are trying to pull.