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The Tide Turns

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I believe that yesterday was the nadir of our effort to defeat the Constitutional aggression under way in Indiana. While the aggression was at flood tide in the Indiana Senate yesterday, the signs appear now of a tide turning.

The first sign? Thank you to the Indiana Star Editorial Board for this morning's editorial: "Good Reasons to Skip Constitutional Ban."

Where two years ago it seemed that we spoke alone publicly against this aggression, today our voices, at last, are joined by the press. Centrist, mainstream straight allies of the Constitution are finding their voices.

It is heartening, and the importance must be understood, for we know that the majority of Hoosiers support a growing degree of recognition of same sex couples, and that for the majority of the coming generation of power, this recognition reaches to civil union, without which at, at least, the Constitutional guarantee of equal classes of citizens is bitterly hollow. These Hoosiers have lacked only the understanding that their decency and tolerance represents that of the majority, and that this amendment is a fundamental threat to the religious freedom and equal protection that our foremost democratic document guarantees to all. As more Hoosiers hear other voices of concern, as more learn of the betrayal of Constitutional principle this amendment represents, more will feel distant from the spirit of intolerance that drives SJR-7.

The Indianapolis Star, Rishawn Biddle, Abdul Aziz, Scott Keller, Jon Elrod, David Orentlicher and other representatives, the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary, the Jewish community are among those who have spoken so courageously. They deserve a thank you.

(No doubt the Star will receive many negative letters as a result of their stand. To send them a thank you, press here. )

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Don Sherfick | February 1, 2007 8:15 AM

Yes, Indeed, we need to thank the Star for its editorial opposition to SJR7. I couldn't help but note the contrast between Bil's "We Lost The Battle" heading to his post and your "The Tide Turns" caption. They are both true statements, in their own way. There are many battles yet to be fought in the war against intolerance and ignorance. But those of us who are old enough remember a time, not all that long ago, when the Star would have been editorially denouncing "the homosexual agenda". It has now joined the voices of reason and enlightenment on this issue, and that is cause for encouragement. "We Shall Overcome". The only real question is when "Some Day" will be.

Oh, I think it's very appropriate that my post was titled "We Lost The Battle" as versus "The Tide Turns." Both are still possible. Think about the Battle of Bull Run. While the Confederates may have carried the day, the tide did turn and the North won the war.

Let me be clear - I don't think that this is an un-winnable fight. I just don't think we won yesterday.