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What? A Republican that can resist the Siren call of an anti-marriage amendment?

Filed By Alex Blaze | February 13, 2007 10:27 PM | comments

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Apparently, Charlie Crist is one. The Florida governor has said that it's a bad idea for the state party to give money to a petition drive for an anti-marriage amendment in that state. He's all like:

We've been focused in this new administration on issues like, you know, property insurance reform, property tax reform, public-safety issues, and I'm convinced those are the kind of issues the people of Florida want us to focus on. I think it would be appropriate for the party to do the same -- and I think they will.
Like, totally, Charlie. Totally.

This poses an interesting question: If all the money and time and energy that gets pumped into heterosexist initiatives like this were instead used to purchase AIDS meds for people who can't afford them all over the world, how many people would actually be helped?

I know, that logic can cut both ways. But I'll play the Michelle Malkin card here and say that it doesn't apply to gays fighting for equality because we're right.

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Ahhh, but why is Crist willing to say "No" to an amendment? His Libertarian opponent for the governor's race says that "Crist's sexuality is the most open secret in state government." He's gay - but denies it.