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When I grow up I want to be Molly Ivins

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Molly Ivins died yesterday, leaving a gaping hole in the world and a shining example of a life well-led. Molly Ivins fought for what she believed in, and she did it with an irrepressible wit and an unshakable sense of justice. She was, in her own words, "a good ol' leftwing populist from Texas," and she delighted in exposing the incompetence, corruption, and sheer idiocy of the Texas legislature. And George W. Bush. Ivins followed his path from Texas to the White House, writing two books and innumerable columns about him. She was the funniest damn writer I'd ever read. Just about the smartest too. I didn't always agree with her, but when I didn't, I figured that I was probably the one who was mistaken.

Here's a video featuring Molly Ivins for your viewing pleasure. It's called "The Dildo Diaries" and it features, ahem, mature content. We'll miss you, Molly. Give 'em hell, whereever you are.

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Molly Ivins wrote five books,including the two about "Shrub" with Lou DuBose. She and Jim Hightower are some of the finest political editorialists to come out of the State of Texas. If anyone wants to shed their stereotypes of Texans, read Molly's stuff; because she is closer to what the people of Texas are like and about. She made me feel proud to be a native Texan, especially these last few years. Here in Indiana, you have the great Sheila Kennedy. I have always said, "Texas has Molly and Indiana has Sheila".