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Talk to Legislators Clipart.jpgAnnette Gross, president of Indy PFLAG and a former bilerico contributor, rocks! She is truly an inspiration to me - and I thought I'd share why...

I spoke at the PFLAG meeting yesterday afternoon where Annette spent several hours preparing for the meeting, hosting the meeting and pumping folks up about SJR-7 and other LGBT issues. PFLAG serves an important support role in our community - and Annette is there every step of the way. She was, of course, the perfect hostess.

Annette's been coming to the grassroots summit meetings we've been holding. She sent the folks there an e-mail detailing what she got accomplished in one day last week. She contacted a dozen organizations to talk to them about SJR-7 and get their buy-in to oppose the amendment. She publicized the PFLAG "100 Letters" campaign and now untold thousands of people will see the info on the campaign. In fact, they're already over 250 letters - within a week. They've had to expand the amount of anticipated letters they'd be able to send to the legislators because of Annette's pumping. It has, literally, become the "1000 Letters" campaign now!

And then you get to the rest of her activities on behalf of our community. She had a letter to the Indianapolis Star published on Sunday. (Click here to read the letter.) And she also responded to the Indianapolis Business Journal after reading Bruce Hetrick's "Notions" column that we posted about last week. While I couldn't find the letter on their site, I posted a copy below.

Write to legislator about amendment
Thank you so much for [Bruce Hetrick's March 5 column]. I am working to help stop this upcoming amendment. It is harmful to not only the gay community but to the heterosexual community as well. If only people would see that.

One way to stop the amendment is for citizens to write to their legislators, asking them to vote No on SJR-7. Our Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays chapter has begun a campaign called "100 Letters to Legislators." If you go to, you will see a box that says "Stop the Amendment." Click on that and follow the prompts. You will find Talking Points and sample letters. We are hoping that not only will people write letters but that they will lead their friends and relatives to our site so they, too, can petition their legislators.

Thank you so much for taking a stand on this important issue!

Annette Gross

Annette deserves our thanks and our praise. If everyone worked as hard as this mother does, we'd be several miles further down the road. She truly shows the power that one determined person can hold and what they can accomplish.

Way to go, Annette!

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