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A reader sent in the link to this column in the Hartford Courant. It's written by a straight female columnist and she ruminates on some of the reactions she gets to columns about the LGBT community. As the reader wrote, "This deserves much wider distribution!" Far be it for me to disagree...

Funny thing, when I write about homeless people in Connecticut, no one ever calls and speculates that I am, myself, homeless. The same goes with hunger. I write about exhausted soup kitchens in the state, and not a single person ever calls to surmise that I am, at heart, a hungry person.

But let me write about homosexuality - and I admit, I have done a lot of that lately - and I can count on people like Tom, Tony and Dorothy to contact me and speculate about my sexual orientation. If I am writing about homosexuality, they tell me, I must be a homosexual. Why else support the marriage equality bill that faces Connecticut legislators this session? The bill would extend rights to same-sex couples now enjoyed by opposite-sex ones, and what heterosexual cares about that? If I'm a heterosexual, I've already got my rights, correct?

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