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Another Jeff Gannon?

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A Marine Corporal and Columbia student who was at the CPAC has been outed in the blogosphere. Turns out he used to be a porn star who was in such movies as "Touched by an Anal: Four Hours of Heavenly Anal Action" and appeared on both Hannity and O'Reilly.

Like Jeff Gannon all over again.

Especially since in his first-person Salon piece, he goes through the whole "liberals made me this way, the Left is full of hate, the GOP is more pro-gay" blah blah blah that old Jeffy boy did. And honestly, I can't do this again. I've already dealt with, in the eight years I've been out of the closet, far too many homophobic, openly gay, angry social conservatives (not the Log Cabin Republicans or First Republicans small government type, more the Focus on the Family type). I had one over at a party several years ago who went on a tirade about how the activist judges in Massachusetts were destroying a 2000-year-old institution known as marriage while everyone else was drinking strawberry margaritas. Let me tell you, these sorts aren't fun. They're extremely defensive about belonging to a party that is virulently homophobic, and not just that party, but the wing of that party that is the most extreme in its heterosexual supremacy, and since their politics defy all logic, they have to make up for it by going overboard on all the other social conservative positions. Constant talk about how abortion is the greatest killer of our time or how anyone who questions the War should just sign up for al Qaeda or how night clubs should have a right to ban Black people. And they never stop.

I'll admit I got into the fun of Jeff Gannon, most likely because that was in the GOP-controlled-Congress days (oh so long ago) and because he was so unintelligent that watching him was hilarious. But another one? I'm not ready. If Michelle Malkin wants to say that she's honored to have known a man, who if he were liberal she'd be saying is destroying America, fine. If Ann Coulter wants to get her picture taken with a man, who if he were liberal she'd call a faggot, wonderful. If O'Reilly wants to have a man on his show to ditto what he says, who if he were liberal he'd say doesn't deserve full and equal protection under the law, magnificent. And if Sanchez wants to defend all of these people as more gay-friendly than PFLAG, well he can go right ahead.

I'm not up for this fight, I'm not even up for this joke. People like Sanchez will never stop existing. They're a psychological anomaly that for some reason seems inherent in a free society. And there's nothing we can do about it except to continue to fight for their right to be who they are.

You can read the breaking post at Joe.My.God here, Joe's interview with Sanchez here, and the Task Force's response here.

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It would seem he isn't even gay. From the Joe.My.God questions:

SANCHEZ: Boyfriends: 0 Fiance: 2 Wife: 1. I'd say I'm pretty bad at being gay.

Sanchez is simply gay-acting, or acting gay for money. Sanchez is no more a member of the gay community than Ann Coulter is. He whored himself out for money and is more what Coulter said than any gay person. He's no hypocrite, he's just someone who turned themselves around and saw a conservative light. How is it that so many of us gay people haven't had a past as sordid as Sanchez, is well beyond me.


Ugh. There are plenty of gay men who have been married to women. Yeah, I don't think that he's a hypocrite, just that there is tension between his actions and his beliefs. Social conservatives are a pretty unforgiving lot, so for him to change so drastically and say disparaging things about those he "left behind"... whatever.

I think it's telling that if he's straight that he hasn't said so. That's one thing I learned on the Man Show years back (I was not a regular viewer, don't worry), but if someone can't say that they're straight then they're probably gay. Maybe he's like Gannon and not ready to say that he's gay? I don't know, all I know is that every sordid detail will be in his book and they'll all end up in the blogosphere. I don't intend to read that book.

And the other thing, DADT doesn't require one to stop being gay, just not to have gay sex or say that one is gay. So since there's video of him having sex with men...

Ugh, I'm getting dragged into this one too.

Yeah, I'm with Alex on this one, Lynn. While in the Joe.My.God interview, Sanchez provides that quote, if you do a little more digging you realize it's not quite the real story...

He has a profile - that was last logged into 14 days ago. It's a gay sex site.

He's had several boyfriends over the years - including popular blogger Andy Towle from Andy comments on Sanchez's quote, "Based on my acquaintance with Sanchez a good 18 years ago, he was pretty good at being gay. Apparently what he's very bad at is accepting it."

Ah.... ok!

My policy on this is that if someone doesn't want to claim to be gay, then he's not. If he wants to act and work against gay rights, then I'd rather the guy just be an illicit straight.

But I see that his acts have outed him, even if he cannot accept it. Reminds me of someone from my past. Oh yeah, that was me.... so at least I can understand the guy.