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Q. why do you think gays should be in heaven? if you are not living your life according to god why should you enter?in the bible it says a man onto a woman also didnt god destroy sodom and gomarah because of their wicked ways.you people should not be allowed to live in gods land it is not right and to teach our kids this way of life is wrong. come back to god. leave this way of life to the devil and his people.
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A. I was excited to see that I received a question from Bilerico today, until I read it. Though I am flattered (not really), that you, question-asker/advice giver, (not to be confused with "you people"), assume that in lieu of communicating with your God, I might actually have the answers on God's behalf. I claim no such power or right - do you? Anyone else have a question?

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Yeah, the fundies have been out in force on the blog lately, eh? You should read some of the comments on other blog posts! Yikes!

I hope others decide to send questions to you via bilerico.com!

wow, I new that there were a lot of anti-gays on this site this past week b/c of the whole Dungy thing, but I never thought that they'd send in a letter to Michele.

Two points for creativity, but minus five for mechanics and spelling. F! [email protected], SEE ME - I know you can do better.

Aw man, I gave a conservative a bad grade - David Horowitz is going to come after me!

The Sodom story reminds me of the scene in "To Kill a Mockingbird". All the white men of the town have come to the jail to "talk" with the African-American prisoner. It is clear their purpose was to humiliate and kill the prisoner.

Although I do not speak for God, many people believe the Bible does. It consistently says that rape is wrong. It also says in several places that the sins of Sodom were that they did not welcome strangers and did not take care of the poor.

The gay (LGBT) people I know do not rape others. My impression is that many times they (LGBT people) are willing to be hospitable to strangers and outcasts and very willing to help the poor.

Dave Wene